Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S3 & S 3D - Quad Core Mobile Generation

Last few days, all that I see on fb is people showing off by talking about their new kickass phone they purchased, Samsung Galaxy S2 being the prime choice.Today morning when i was surfing the net, I was amazed by Samsung's upcoming weapon - Samsung Galaxy S3. Whatever it is , its going to change defination of Mobile Phones seriously.
With all due repect for my 5800(I still love u dear :P) , presenting SAMSUNG GALAXY S3


If the above picture comes out to be the real one, it is going to be 10/10 on looks for sure.Besides, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S3 would pack Samsung’s own Exynos 4412 processor, a 32nm quad-core chip based on the ARM Cortex A9 architecture(and I am writing this current post on 1.6 Ghz PC - damn :P)

The leaked specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are (RUMOURED):-
  •     Exynos 4412 processor(Quad core chip)
  •     2GB of RAM
  •     32GB Internal storage memory
  •     SD Card slot to expand memory
  •     4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen at 1,280×720-pixel resolution
  •     16-megapixel camera
  •     1080p video recording at 60fps
  •     2250mAh battery
  •     Ice Cream Sandwich OS(Andriod 4.0) with Touchwiz 5.0
 I am really excited to watch live demo of the phone at itz debut at Mobile World Congress(MWC 2012).So all set for 27th February 2012.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don 2 reinstills faith in Bollywood Action Genre

Living in country like India, no one can kept himself away from cricket and bollywood for sure.Currently thanks to Lord Sachin and MSD gang, love for cricket is higher than ever before.But for Bollywood, Don 2 slowly shows a hope of rising.
About 3 years back,I promised myself to keep away from Bollywood movies after horrible movies like kambakht ishq,love aaj kal,chandni chowk to china etc.Though in this past 3 years,there have been plenty of really nice bollywood movies like 3 idiots,udaan etc.But only thing bollywood was still lacking was proper action genre.Now people may talk about Sallu bhai's wanted,bodyguard,dabangg and ajay's Singham to be action movies,but seriously thats what we people call action.Blunderous fight scenes defying newtons/einsteins law, same old storyline,humorous joke.Instead of action, they were meant to be comedy movies.
Don 2 may not be the best , but it is the best action movie from Bollywood till date (If you want to mention Dhoom series- please don't :D :D ).Don 2 with his realistic natural fight scenes is a big relief from the stupid south indian movie adapted fight scenes.Cmon in an action flick , when you see someone fighting it got to be way serious than funny. Don 2 presents a descent story with no loopholes (quite a feat,after Farhan Akhtar introduced so many twist in the movie). The direction,the scenes,the character building, the locations , and overall feel of the film was amazing.
Even of the all good reasons above, the movie may not be a hit.The reason is simple - lack of standard in viewers.People don't like to stress their minds and think about the logic or the film.All they want is to pass time for 3 hours with with their friends and family,in other words "Masala movie".There are quite more reasons why good action flicks may not work in Bollywood - prime one being as mentioned above and other being hero worship.People here watch the worst movie of their favourite actor/actress. And the other reason- specific to Don movie, comparing with old don movie.For people in this category,simple advice for you- if you want to watch Vijay watch the old don, but if you want to watch the cunning,mastermind,amazing character of badass criminal " Don " , make sure to check out Don1 and Don2 !!!