Tuesday, December 28, 2010



List of top ten freaky and funny things we learn from Video games: 

1   Use your head before you lose one - All FSP Multi-player games

2   With great graphics come great hardware investments - Crysis

3     Every little girl has really BIG DADDY - Bioshock

4     Chose your words carefully - ALL RPG games

5   Never die a Virgin - Mass Effect 1 and 2

6     A 5-Star life is always not that easy - GTA series

7    To kill your enemies you have to fall down at their level - COD4,MW2,Black OPs ending

8   You become friends with people with whom you have common enemies - Mafia 2

9     It is easier to fight with people with brains than people without one - Residential Evil Series

10 Always learn things from your past - Assassins Creed

And finally not part of the list since, every game teaches you that by default

If you save America , you saved the world - Almost all games

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Name :                      Virus:W32/Virut
Detection Names :     Virus.Win32.Virut,Win32.Virtob
Category:                  Malware
Type:                        Virus
Type:                        Backdoor
Platform:                   W32

A program that secretly and maliciously integrates itself into program or data files. It spreads by integrating itself into more files each time the host program is run.

Symtoms - windows logo,softwares,system files n othr exe programs corrupted and modified.

Methods tried :
KAV 2010 - temporary disinfects da files, but virus attacks again
AnitMalware Bytes - only treats the malware downloaded to pc by the virus
Combofix - no effect on the virut virus

Solution :
Download Virutkiller program from Kaspersky lab utitlies site and run it

Download link here http://support.kaspersky.com/downloads/utils/virutkiller.zip
More Information  -http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/solutions?qid=208280756


I don't want to be a Hero
I don't want to be a Knight
For just being good or bad
Is not the quest of my life

But such a quest is never so easy thing
With rules and codes always shadowing in
For they don't understand the value of your soul
And they want you to end it and be like someone else

They keep you scaring of the dark
But they also keep you away from light
For all they want is to remould you
And kill all of your faith inside

These codes and warnings have a proper time
But when real crisis strikes they are not worth a dime
For that very time you are just alone
With just your soul and faith to fight

So i don't want a false shiny armour to hide
For my own spark is brighter than its shine
For I am happy even to live a life
With the crude old immature soul of mine....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Call of Duty : Black Ops SP : Hands ON REVIEW !!!

"I'm told you are the best we have.......Anywhere"
Developer : Treyarch
Publisher : Activision
Series : Call Of Duty
Genre : First person shooter
Game engine : Improved IW engine

One thing about COD series, its always lives to your expectations and even sometimes goes beyond that.Black Ops stands no different.Undoubtly the best first person shooter of this year,Black Ops is fully packed with action which keeps you going.Also if you are thinking that black ops is completely different COD which diverts you from main COD series,better think again,Victor Reznov (World At War fame) is back.Click on images to enlarge them in new tab.

Storyline : In terms of story, Black Ops is the best of all the COD games.Call of Duty: Black Ops takes place during the Cold War, in the 1960s. The story focuses on CIA-backed clandestine black operations carried out behind enemy lines.The background story is basically like everytime, stop some sob from unleashing havoc and save world.(kk not world, just US, but most of american games- saving US is equivalent to saving the world).But the parallel story running in focus about Mason and mysterious number sequences is the heart of Black Ops.Don't read about the story anywhere first or full game will lose its charm.Also if you are kind of guy who pays more attention to story,you will get the climax in no time.

Looks : The game looks awesome in all levels.After you start a new mission, you just can't help looking at the sky and appreciating the developers.Graphics are little improved over moden warfare ( though most of the times bith games look the same). These missions take place in various locations around the globe such as the Ural Mountains in central Russia, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam.Plus, already its COD series plus Black Operations, so lots of stunts,cool gunfights,bullet time effects ,explosions etc etc.

Gameplay : Gameplay is very important in any game, n black Ops keeps the COD FPS legend going forward.The gameplay is second best part after the story. Plenty of weapons and baddies to wack, vehicles ranging from bikes,cars,helicopters.First FPS game where you can fire and fly helicopter all by yourself from takeoff to landing.The missions have been designed awesomely.

Majority of the missions you get to play as Mason with two three missions as Hudson.My favourite mission of the game is Kowloon.Kowloon is the mission where you play as Hudson armed with dual pistols (COJ feel ;) ) and running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop battling spetsnaz.As usual the game is very short (14 short missions). and gets over in 6-7 hours maximum.Developers give the same old reason that COD is multiplayer game and not single player, but still single player matters the more.

Overall CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS is highly recommended, best FPS of the year and a very strong GOTY contendor.Still, Black Ops is not big improvement over Modern warfare 2.May be we are expecting too much from Black Ops.But Game Developers are born to surprise,so we are wrong in expecting more from next upcoming CALL OF DUTY.

RATING : 8.5 /10

Monday, December 6, 2010

Remove Facebook Revolving/rotating image spam

We are all pissed of the latest revolving images spam link in which our friends are posting some wall messages on your Facebook wall with a link .This worm has been codenamed Blackbeard by the group of hackers and they are continuously improving their script . Earlier it was just facebook updates on your wall and writing something on others wall but now this also makes you fan of some facebook pages .

Consequences of running the javascript on your profile :
  • It will update your facebook status plus it will post on your friends wall and it will spread the link of that scam website .
  • The hacker will gain access to your personalized email something like ( 1233bhjkkoo@m.facebook.com ) through which you update your facebook status . Since sending an email to this email address will update your Facebook status anytime ,the hacker can update your Facebook Wall as long as you don’t change the email .
  • Please remember after running the javascript ,the hacker won’t be getting your user id or password
  • You will also automatically like some facebook fan pages due to this action of yours .


  •  Clear your browser cookies and history to be safe.
  • You need to refresh your personalized email again so that the hacker don’t have access to your Facebook wall .
  • Go the Facebook Mobile from here http://www.facebook.com/mobile/ .
  • Scroll down to upload via email and you will find out and email address,that’s the email the hacker is using to update your Facebook account .
  •  Click on it to get something like this.

  • Then click on refresh your upload email and you are done.

Best way to deal with such spam links,never click on any spam links again (Still can't understand why the hell so many people were clicking to see just Rotating images ?? :P


P.S. -tats not my personalised email in the pic, so no use messing around ;)

Cheers 2 compstalk !