Friday, November 19, 2010

JetFlash Online Recovery for our transcend pd problems

Do you have a transcend pen drive which has stopped working ? The pen drive is not getting formatted or you just can't open it coz it has been f up by viruses and worms.Also, it is possible to recover data from pen drive without formatting it.The Solution is here :

JetFlash Online Recovery is advanced new software specifically developed for Transcend's JetFlash USB flash drives. It repairs your flash drives immediately through simple and user friendly interface. With such effective, safe and reliable solution, it can save your precious time and money bringing your product for traditional RMA service. Wherever you travel, Transcend JetFlash Online Recovery services you 24/7 on the internet.

* Hardware Requirements : USB port (supports USB2.0),Internet connection
* System Requirements : Windows® XP SP2/ 2000 SP4 (Administrator rights required)

Tried it with my own 4 gb transcend pen drive.It had stopped working 2 months ago, good thing, i didn't scrap it.Just took 5 mins, and my pen drive is working perfectly again.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


(...continued from part1)

So just gave her brief idea, n she understood it in no time.
and She posted to nikhil
"I didn't expected this from you , what do you think of yourself"
This girl really knows how to kill.
And then Nikhil was back
"WTF !!!!! What did you tell her ?"
"Exactly what you told me to tell her",I replied
"What ? duffer idiot ******* i was kidding "
Now time for little over acting
"What?  really ? Sorry yaar, I thought you were seriously...."
"DUFFER ****** , tell her the truth, or else she will kill me"
"I am not going to tell her anything , she will killl me instead"
"F you"

In the second window, Sonal was posting how he was getting pawned.
"Do you think of me like any girl you can mess up with, try doing that to some other girl,because i am not of that type."
"Sorry, itz all Ayog's fault , he is a duffer."
"Yaa,he is a dumb, You use him to convey your message, really screw you.Let me see you in college."
"Seriously, its not my mistake , I was just kidding, was just a joke."
"Do you think I am joke,find some other girl to play jokes with."

Then Sonal typed
"He is boring me a lot now saying sorry,Now I will write go to hell and then will logged off gud night"
I just laughed, that gonna b a killer for sure.
And she did the same
n then Nikhil
"AYOG *****, you have screwed up everything,she has gone offline now, and she is damn angry,call her now n tell the truth."
"Call her at this time ? she will kill me, anyways, i am feeling sleepy,good night, kal dekhte hai kya karna hai woh.."
"Wait rukh saale, where are you going, i am in deep shit now"
and i logged off.Tonight gonna have a very good sleep.

Next day was a holiday, and i was not surprised to find the prank was still on ,not because of sonal , but thanks to nikhil himself.He changed his facebook status about 4-5 times consisiting of the same words " Why
people always misunderstand me' , 'When I say sorry I really mean it" , "what should I do to prove you that I am really sorry'.Best thing, except three of us, nobody had a clue of it, so people were still pawning him on his updates.Then came monday, when We had to end the prank finally. When I entered the class, Rajiv grabbed and asked,
"What have you done to Nikhil"
"Cmon, he is posting insane status on fb,
"His status updates are always insane" - Abhishek snapped between
" Yes, but yesterday ones were too depressing,plus you have to see him in practicals,his hand were shaking like hell."
Obviously after hearing all this.Sonal said she wanted to end the prank.So finally we told him the truth.Nikhil was showering abuses on me as expected, but agreed to the fact that it was the best prank to play on everyone.After all, he is not gonna play love guru to anyone for sure.

Back at home, gave Sameer the software he wanted.Then was back online
Then came Sonal's post,
"So prankster feeling happy now ?"
"Yaa,had great fun, but anyways Thanks !"
"Why ?"
"For not playing a prank on me instead, you even had the chance to do that."
" Hmm...I was not in mood to prank you today, but beware ,next time, i may not feel the same..hehe'
"Letz see...", I replied smiling.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


" Agar kisiki Sacche Dil se vaat lagana chaho toh puri kayanat tumhe madad karne pohoch jaati hai "  - Abhishek
        Another day at college.The sem had just started, so there was not much academic work to do.Also,one more good thing was probably first lecture was off.The classroom seem quiet today.Girls were completing the assignments and boys were goofing around.After all, same assignments we guys will be taking home and going to complete them during free time.That may be while watching cricket match,football match or even boring F1 (in Sumit's case).I quickly grab a bench and just crashed on it.
About 2 hours ago, i was playing Far Cry 2.Really nasty game to play in the morning.In the game, the main protagonist who travels to Africa gets infected by malaria.So as a result, thanks to the advanced realistic graphics, the screen goes blurry and shaky after interval of time.It was seeming cool at first ,but later my head started spinning.
So there am I now, sitting in my class, feeling damn dizzy all cause of those Ubisoft idiots.Then someone tapped on my head and i was not surprised to find Nikhil,
'Hii Ayog buddy,what are you doing ? '
Nothing,just relaxing, i replied just blankly staring at the door
Just then Sonal enter the door into the class.I then look at Nikhil , who was smiling viciously.Bad timing, i thought, now time to get pawned .
"So finally, you don't need to keep your head down now as she has arrived"
"Who ?"
"Your Sweetheart,Sonal."
"Buzz off,go screw some 1 else."
"hehe, not so easy a nice thing to troubled you with.I can see you are madly in love with her,i can tell it from your eyes', Nikhil snap back laughing insanely
"Sheessh, stop it junkhead, I am already feeling dizzy."
"Abe itna uske baaremein sochega toh yahi hoga. "
I was too pissed off, then by grace of God, or more specifically Sameer, my cell phone rang.
I was fast enough to grab the opportunity and get away from Nikhil.
Sam needed me to download some stuff.He hardly ever talks of downloading a movie or game or etc etc.
rest of the day was passed doing random timepass stuff, all consisting of quick small sessions from Nikhil,who started to play Love Guru for me, hell, Really a bad day!

Then few hrs later, i was at home, doing the most important thing - uninstalling Far Cry 2.No more dizziness finally.Then was online chatting with Ananya,Archit.Then Sam came online to give the download details.Then felt little sleepy,kk, time to end this tiring dizzy day.Then there was a pop up with Nikhil on the chat window with
"Hii Loverboy:"
God, not again.was feeling sleepy at this hour so just replied
"Sorry yaar,off to sleep now,will talk later byee"
heyy heyy, where are you going ? Your friends are still alive here, or are u going offline because Sonal is not online'
Now at this point of time, i was feeling sleepy,but still not dizzy like morning, so was in better mood to play
So started typing
"Kk, dude that's my girlfriend, why the hell are you interfering in between.I don't like you talking about her all the time, I am really possessive."
"Lolzz, really"
"So stop talking about her,you are talking as if you are the one who loves her."
Now that was the bait, now just was waiting for the fish to catch it, and there he goes
"Ohh, you finally caught me.lolzz Yaa, I really love her . I just can't live without her ..."
and he started posting random smileys
"So why are you telling me this, go tell her"
"Lolzz, right, but the problem is i feel shy to tell her.Plzz can you do it for me, please tell her my feelings'
Hell, here he goes again
Then something finally happen.As Abhishek says " Agar kisiki Sacche Dil se vaat lagana chaho toh puri kayanat tumhe madad karne pohoch jaati hai "
Sonal came online
Now time to play the big game
"Nikhil dude, go tell , now is the chance"
"Naa i am feeling shy, you tell her, guts tere mein"
Now was the my time to be evil.
I smiled open the Sonal's chatbox and typed
"Heyy Sonal , wanna play a game ? '
"Whats the catch ?"
"Subject to pawn is Nikhil ."
And as i expected, came the reply,
"Cool, count me in."

(Continued in part 2)


CHAPTER 2 going to huge one, so will posting it after chapter 4.
Will update accordingly.Thank you

Sunday, November 14, 2010


   "Bullets or (broken) Bones ?..........well....Bones heal"
 After 3 years,after MoH-Airbone, EA Games 's MEDAL OF HONOR is back again.MoH is known for being one of the best real time first person shooter game of all times with ace competitors Call of Duty and Brother in Arms.But its better to keep expectations pretty low for this latest MoH or else it can be a great disappointment.

Storyline : The story revolves around the ongoing American-taliban war in Afganisthan.Throughout the story, we get to play as DEVGRu operator - Rabbit, Delta force elite sniper Deuce,US army ranger - Adams and apache pilot -Hawkins.Half of the game , we played in the shoes of rabbit, who is main character of the whole story.The story attempts to depict the current plight of the soldiers caught in the war, but unfortunately fails to have the desired impact.The story seems pretty non-involving and the script looks dull at some places.
Night Vision ON !
New Sunrise-reminds of something
Looks : MOH looks great during daytime.But during missions at night, the environment looks dull.Even Night vision fails to lighten up things.But overall graphics are awesome.The guns,talibanis popping over,apache firing, explosions and all looks just too good.The HUD design is pretty good, but it vanishes after a time interval, which causes you to be lost most of the times in the game.

Gameplay : Gameplay is pretty good with all the weapons and real time battlefield effect.It lacks lustre sometime because enemies keep popping from same locations and in large numbers.The difficulty level is pretty ok, lot of chances to kick asses and also to get your ass kick.some missions are pretty well designed, especially ones of Rabbit since they involve close combat.About the missions of Deuce-they are comfortable missions involving blasting heads from miles apart.Apache mission seems too easy as compared to other games(the helicopter mission in Bad Company was really kickass).Lastly, Adam's missions start well but start getting little boring as the game progresses.Overall, the gameplay is really very good just lacks what we can say lustre(COD and its showy things).

Overall Medal of Honor gives a very good game experience.Still, it fails to fall with the standards of the current games Bad Company 2 and COD MW2.Also with COD Black Ops on the way, expectations were pretty high on the game.But if MOH had release last year way before COD MW2, it could have been a huge success for sure
So to sum it up all, GOOD GAME, BAD RELEASE DATE !

RATING : 7.3/10

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"The Sam Fisher you know is dead. The man who played by the rules, listened to the voice in his ear - he's gone. So watch your back, I can't stop him - no one can."
After Splinter Cell Double Agent, UBisoft is back with Splinter Cell Conviction and our all favourite unstoppable Sam Fisher.But this time the mission is more personal.Click on images to enlarge them in new tab.

Storyline : The Story is narrated by Sam good old friend Vic.Sam Fisher has finally retired and has gone far away from the common world.But third echelon wants him back for some important assignment.With help of his third echelon comrade Anna Grim, Sam also discovers that his daughter Sarah,once thought to be dead in a car accident is alive.Then the series of events unfold, and now Sam returns to his good old spy times in search of the TRUTH.

Looks : The game looks great in different environments may it a local market or third echelon HQ or even the white house at the finale.The cutscenes are also well desgined and the script is just damn good with great dialogues.Conviction has got plenty of interrogation scenes where you have to punch,kick,bang,break your target for information.
This can be fun
The thing common between splinter cell and COD developers is that they really know how to spice up their game.The game got plenty of impressing action scenes ranging from cool melee takedowns to blasting off buildings and vehicles similar to action packed movie.But the most special thing about this splinter cell is the appearance of Sam, rather old but still the same deadly Sam Fisher.
Mark and Execute

Gameplay : The game length is average with 11 chapters( Scenes).In addition to this,Conviction has a special Denied Ops mode and Co-op mode.Basic gameplay is same as in all previous versions of the game.Stay in shadows(screen goes black and white) to remain hidden from enemies.Shoot lights ocassinally to create shadows.Plenty of cool melee attacks,takedowns,human shield tricks to be performed when you get sufficiently close to enemies.
Hide in shadows and aim for heads
kk,that was spooky
Weapons ranged from silencer pistols to heavy assault rifles and automatic guns.Besides usual frag and flash grenades, there are plenty of new gadgets such remote mines,sticky camera,EMP etc.Also there are new Sonar googles are there too.One of the biggest shortcoming in the game, is lack of stealth, you need to get rid of every enemy in the level using gunfire msot of the time.Also some levels are made purposefully simple.The hardest part of the whole game was when third echelon guys showed up (the one with red googles) rest the game is easy.

Overall the game is highly recommended,gameplay may get tense at time,but still its fun.There are plenty of areas where the game can improve, so we can look forward to ubisoft for these areas in the next Splinter Cell.Till then,enjoy Conviction.

RATING : 7.5 /10


(Continued from part1 )...

Next few days were spend in planning the revival.
First of all decided to take life easy.The worst had already happen so anything that is going to follow will be good enough.
So got of from bed,downloaded some movies and search again desperately for some old low graphics games which could run on my pc and then left for college.
In college,I was not surprised to find Sumit and Vineet already in class well before time.
These two guys, n because of them, I had to attend all boring lectures.
Vineet was as usual glancing through some maths book and I seriously didn't wanted to interrupt him.Every guy and gal i have met till now were fans of some movies,books,movie stars, sportstars n so on,But Vineet only guy i encountered who can go talking whole day about how great maths kumbojkar book is and how deadly kumbojkar + Prof Parasniis is and so on.More crazier were his dreams,always telling me and sumit that he always dreamed of having professors parasnis and welankar as his uncles and on.

About Sumit,he is a quiet guy , to be more specific very very quiet guy.Be it lecture,recess or tech fest, he always talks less.Least bothered by movies,watching girls,gaming and all.Only thing, he atleast talks about openly is about studies and sports-cricket,football,F1 etc(kk, this list is long enough)
To start a topic, I asked Sumit,
Heyy, whats wrong with that nerd girl, gone little less active than in sem1,Got lousy after scoring highest,I guess.
Vineet stopped reading and said
She is not the topper , some other guy top last sem.You don't have any idea about it.
"well, i had plenty of mess of myself to think about lately", I smiled away
Rest of the day was full with crappy lectures.Even one professor gave the term end date,which was just 3 weeks away.And also announcement of mid term exams which were going to be in next week with 70% portion.DEAD !!!
At the end of the day was surprised to find even Vineet frustrated
"This is insane, Definitely not going to work, submissions and f damn everything is pending and when will we get time to study"
"Hmm, everything will get complete , even there are people doing engineering too",Sumit replied
'Ya, but these crappy lectures are pure waste of time',Vineet was still frustrated
As far I was concerned , I was happy to hear such things from Vineet so just joined in,
"Yaa,I agree with Vineet, time wasting crappy lectures.Even i am thinking of studying hard of studying hard this time.'
"Thinking ?"
"Ya,i mean already thought that i going to study really hard"
"Hmm, so better start studying then, IPL is coming ", Sumit said
"IPL ? do you think thats gonna work, after epic failure of ICL ?"
"At this f time, everything else will work for sure",Vineet replied
And next day , Vineet had a new improved college timetable.It was our original timetable plus with pencil marks scribbled throughout.Then he explained it to me and Sumit, how we can bunk most of the lectures without letting our attendance fall below 75%(MU people really try to scare us by 75 % criteria, and they have been successful so far i can say).A crazy plan, but it work off perfectly, giving us enough time for studying and random playtime.
And then , submissions began,which were not a big problem thanks to Vineet and Sumit who used to have everything ready on time.Only one practical exam was there and that too of Java, so was way too easy.Then began the actual exams.This sem we had only five subjects but I had 1 more subject to worry.Well, first 2 weeks were spend in gathering books,IMPs,mid term papers from other colleges.Sumit and Archit were there to help with my extra subject (bonus subject i can say).Also Sameer and Vineet were assisting for the current sem subjects.A lot of distractions were there,with loads of good movies on the way and most importantly IPL-which was a great hit.But all of the things went just fine.Got that subject cleared and scored 70+ in sem2, and things were back to normal pretty soon.
To add to the fun, even got a new gaming pc and was soon gaming like old days.
Starting a new game on my new pc, was playing carefully and slowly, on which my friend said,
"Why scared so much,its just a game,You respawn again if u die"
To which I smiled and winked at him,"RESPAWN right !"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"When you are doing engineering in MU, remember anything is possible"

For many people Engineering starts from the first day of college itself.For me, it started in the second sem because I then I understood what engineering is.One hell of a incident taught my that.
That day, the atmosphere in college was very tense.Everyone knew the reason for it.Sitting in the class we all freshers were least interested (err...actually we never are ) to what the professor was mumbling.Then one guy went yelling sometime outside the class and the next moment everyone was just racing ahead to the ground floor.
The whole staircase was crowdy,then after loads of bumping finally reached a place near the Notice board,Heyy the results are out.
SEM1 exams were not pretty good to me though.I was thinking of getting average scores.Anyways,back to the notice board, i knew the result was no good,but was little excited that i will get to result first from my own eyes.Right from first standard, i never got see my results at first.Everyone use to tell my scores before me.Then came the spoiler,a guy (now i barely remember who he was, frankly i am still hunting to kill him), who just graped me from behind and was yelling like lunatic.
'Ayog bro,you got one subject left"
And well he was correct, saw the board and just left home( there was not much left to see now).For I knew , life was never going to be same now.
At home, i received a grand welcome.I was already depressed to listen any more praises.Then went off to swimming.

Just dived under water, felt little better, then some one pull my head up , I was left gasping for breath.
"What happen ?" I asked
And there was Nitish,a 15 yr guy i me during my swimming coaching.
Look at the hot girl, seems new admission, let's go for intro,whats say ?
Naa, not in a mood
Hmm, you are in no mood for girls, are you ok ?
Naa, m fine, just no idea what am wanna do
Just go and woo her
Woo her with what ?
Hmm, nice question, u r in engg coll ri8, just go tell about your marks and how cool ur coll lyf is n all
Ohh great i muttered to myself,
Then nxt week was passed in depression, getting loads of comments from family,friends.Only there was one thing, i can't say that it was a good thing, still,my best buddy Archit was there literally in the same pain.He also had the same subject left.One drawback, we were getting pawned from both of our parents and that too badly. Then one day i had full half hour first time serious talk with my brother, could remember only few words of conversation later,
"Come on bro, you are in Engineering and that too in Mumbai engineering.Anything is possible here.Even dumbest of dumbest people become engineers and even toppers struggle hard in it.I am not saying you are not studying enough but perhaps you are not studying properly.Take help from your friends"

Then There was I , sitting on a bench in class.The classroom seem empty.Just then a voice whispered,
You are not letting this all go so easy right ?
I was just confused " what are you talking about ?
You don't have any other hot topic currently in life, do u ? said the guy laughing
"hmm, what do you want to tell "
"Nothing remembered playing mortal kombat or street fighter
Yup what about that
Well,what used to happen after you lose a round,
Well, the timer use to start asking you whether wanna quit or continue .
Correct, Ayog your life is at the same stage now, time is clicking, you better continue
"kk, Will try definitely
Kkk, tats sounds good
"Anyways, pal my name is Ayog, yours ?
A guy just came from the shadow and i felt standing infront of mirror.
Same pinch , i can say
OMG, I have twin brother
You are a d...
And alarm went off, and i woke up from bed.Really nasty dream, i muttered.
But sipping coffee i thought over the dream,and what my bro said yesterday, definitely time to try out something new.


Engineering - the word means different to different people.Crazy programmers, nerdy guys and girls,lot of expenses,lot of fat books, awesome packages and jobs and so on.But not all things are true.In MU engineering , things get even more crazy.Sem Stories features some of the incidents, events,memories of our engineering college lives.Some may be modified or exaggerated, but still the truth still lies underneath them.Enjoy the stories.The Stories can be accessed from the sem stories label.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Classmates

Another small poem about my classmates of IT1 (PVPP) who are with me all the time, occasionally saving my neck and assisting me in studies,submissions,pranks and other fun stuff.Again please ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes.Click to enlarge and read it.

Engineering summarised

Here is one of my poems on Engineering sems.Please ignore the grammatical mistakes n incorrect spellings.I  have use editor(Direct English to Marathi ).Still can't type in marathi , so still then kindly bear with me.

इंजिनियरिंग चा खेळ

इंजिनियरिंग च्या दुनियेत
सेम टू सेम असत सगळ
कॉलेज,वर्ष कोणतेही असल तरी
शुरू असत हेच सहा महिन्यांचा चक्र

पहिल्या महिन्यात वेकेशन क्लास मधून शेवटी सुटका होते,
त्यात कॉलेज च्या लेक्चर्स ची भर पडत जाते
आधीच रिज़ल्ट ची वाट पाहून रोज झोप उडाली असते
कसेबसे रिज़ल्ट लागल्यावर सेम ची खरी सुरवात होते

दुसरा महिन्यापासून असाइनमेंट्स चे आगमन होते
सगळीकडे त्याचीच देवाण घेवाण चालू असते
आधीच फेस्ट आणि डेज़ साजरे करण्यात मन धुंद असते
यातच असाइनमेंट्स चेक करण्याची लास्ट डेट पण निघून जाते

तीसर्‍या महिन्यात प्रॅक्टिकल्स ची वेवस्थित सुरवात होते
यूनिवर्सिटी ची एक्सपेरिमेंट लिस्ट पाहून डोके चक्रावून जाते
कितीही डॉकेफोद केली तरी आउटपुट बरोबर येत नसते
शेवटी कॉपी पेस्ट आणि गूगले च्या सहयाने फाइल कंप्लीट होऊन बसते

चवतया महिन्यात सबमिज़न शुरू होते
मी लिहिलेल्या गोष्टी गेल्या कुठे याची शोडॉशॉड चालू होते
दिवसरात्र याचे लिखाण शुरूच असते
शेवटी चंटू-बॅंटू,दादा-ताई च्या मदतीने सबमिशन होऊन जाते

या नंतर वायवा ची सुरवात होते
आणि गेल्या चार महिन्यात अभ्यास करायला हवा होता असी जाणीव होते
एक्सटर्नल चे प्रश्नाचे उत्तर कुठे सापडत नाही
आणि आपण केलेल्या उत्तरांवर तो प्रश्न विचारतच नाही

शेवटच्या महिन्यात फाइनल परीक्षेची सुरवात होते
आणि या महिन्यातच आपली सिलबसशी खरी ओळख पत्ते
टेकमक्स,नोट्स,लमर,आइम्प्स ची झुंज चालूच असते
आणि पूर्ण जोमात 40 प्लस चे धेय साध्य होते

या नंतर भेटते दोन आठवडे विश्रांतीची वेळ
ज्या नंतर परत शुरू होतो हाच सहा महिन्यांचा खेळ


   "A Good Wiseguy is Hard to Find"

MAFIA 2 , from 2K Games recreates the American-Italian mafia style world - money,guns,expensive suits,expensive cars,cigars and of course women.The game is set between 1940s and 50s-the so called period of organised crime governed by mafia families.

Storyline:The game tells the story of Vito Scaletta who sets his foot in the criminal world along with his best Friend Joe barbolov.After that the story travels from war,empire state city,city jail, drugs,smuggling,robbery,murder and of course the Mafia families.The dialogues and script is well written,story lacks depth at some points but overall is good though.Finally the ending may be rather unpleasing for some people(including me).

Looks :The Illusion game engine does the trick.The game is based on open environment like GTA series.The Empire Bay city looks awesome.Right from its primitive look shown in earlier part of game with rusty cars and snow-clad streets to a better retro look with a completely makeover new york city replica.But, its a pity that the gameplay is linear, and doesn't allow us to enjoy this full city.The Graphics are really nice,with some animations way ahead of other same genre games today for e.g you can't stop being amused by animations of the pedestrians,a guy coming out of taxi and paying the fare,a woman placing her ear on the doorway to hear quarrel,simply looks fascinating.

Snow-clad Streets
Good old words to the ear
Time to wack someone

Gameplay : The length of the game is average (15 Chapters) and gameplay is really very easy (except two-three events) .The enemy AI is very dumb at times making them easy targets for probable headshots.Most of the WW2  era weapons are there in the game with typical gangster ones too.The game has very few bugs/glitches issue, more likely to be fixed by a patch in future.Rest the gameplay gets repetitive at time (same old schedule ,wake up in morning, pick up the call and go wack someone).Besides, the game has got plenty of fist fighting,car chasing,mass shootout etc moments.

Overall the game is very good (not that great , still upto the expectations).Plenty of awesome moments.I still remember how I kill one mafia boss through rolling car from above like in Wanted movie.Definitely worth playing.Click on the screens for a better view.

Rating 7.8/10

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lets get rolling !!!!

Hii people, HAPPY DIWALI 2 ALL of you and your families.
Nice occasion to actually begin this blog.There are lot of things,people,events etc which make up my life.So this blog is about them.I will be posting on the blog some of the crazy stuff that usually happens in my life.So people welcome to MY LIFE !!!

 *****HAPPY DIWALI *****