Tuesday, November 16, 2010


" Agar kisiki Sacche Dil se vaat lagana chaho toh puri kayanat tumhe madad karne pohoch jaati hai "  - Abhishek
        Another day at college.The sem had just started, so there was not much academic work to do.Also,one more good thing was probably first lecture was off.The classroom seem quiet today.Girls were completing the assignments and boys were goofing around.After all, same assignments we guys will be taking home and going to complete them during free time.That may be while watching cricket match,football match or even boring F1 (in Sumit's case).I quickly grab a bench and just crashed on it.
About 2 hours ago, i was playing Far Cry 2.Really nasty game to play in the morning.In the game, the main protagonist who travels to Africa gets infected by malaria.So as a result, thanks to the advanced realistic graphics, the screen goes blurry and shaky after interval of time.It was seeming cool at first ,but later my head started spinning.
So there am I now, sitting in my class, feeling damn dizzy all cause of those Ubisoft idiots.Then someone tapped on my head and i was not surprised to find Nikhil,
'Hii Ayog buddy,what are you doing ? '
Nothing,just relaxing, i replied just blankly staring at the door
Just then Sonal enter the door into the class.I then look at Nikhil , who was smiling viciously.Bad timing, i thought, now time to get pawned .
"So finally, you don't need to keep your head down now as she has arrived"
"Who ?"
"Your Sweetheart,Sonal."
"Buzz off,go screw some 1 else."
"hehe, not so easy buddy.got a nice thing to troubled you with.I can see you are madly in love with her,i can tell it from your eyes', Nikhil snap back laughing insanely
"Sheessh, stop it junkhead, I am already feeling dizzy."
"Abe itna uske baaremein sochega toh yahi hoga. "
I was too pissed off, then by grace of God, or more specifically Sameer, my cell phone rang.
I was fast enough to grab the opportunity and get away from Nikhil.
Sam needed me to download some stuff.He hardly ever talks of downloading a movie or game or etc etc.
rest of the day was passed doing random timepass stuff, all consisting of quick small sessions from Nikhil,who started to play Love Guru for me, hell, Really a bad day!

Then few hrs later, i was at home, doing the most important thing - uninstalling Far Cry 2.No more dizziness finally.Then was online chatting with Ananya,Archit.Then Sam came online to give the download details.Then felt little sleepy,kk, time to end this tiring dizzy day.Then there was a pop up with Nikhil on the chat window with
"Hii Loverboy:"
God, not again.was feeling sleepy at this hour so just replied
"Sorry yaar,off to sleep now,will talk later byee"
heyy heyy, where are you going ? Your friends are still alive here, or are u going offline because Sonal is not online'
Now at this point of time, i was feeling sleepy,but still not dizzy like morning, so was in better mood to play
So started typing
"Kk, dude that's my girlfriend, why the hell are you interfering in between.I don't like you talking about her all the time, I am really possessive."
"Lolzz, really"
"So stop talking about her,you are talking as if you are the one who loves her."
Now that was the bait, now just was waiting for the fish to catch it, and there he goes
"Ohh, you finally caught me.lolzz Yaa, I really love her . I just can't live without her ..."
and he started posting random smileys
"So why are you telling me this, go tell her"
"Lolzz, right, but the problem is i feel shy to tell her.Plzz can you do it for me, please tell her my feelings'
Hell, here he goes again
Then something finally happen.As Abhishek says " Agar kisiki Sacche Dil se vaat lagana chaho toh puri kayanat tumhe madad karne pohoch jaati hai "
Sonal came online
Now time to play the big game
"Nikhil dude, go tell , now is the chance"
"Naa i am feeling shy, you tell her, guts tere mein"
Now was the my time to be evil.
I smiled open the Sonal's chatbox and typed
"Heyy Sonal , wanna play a game ? '
"Whats the catch ?"
"Subject to pawn is Nikhil ."
And as i expected, came the reply,
"Cool, count me in."

(Continued in part 2)

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