Saturday, November 6, 2010


   "A Good Wiseguy is Hard to Find"

MAFIA 2 , from 2K Games recreates the American-Italian mafia style world - money,guns,expensive suits,expensive cars,cigars and of course women.The game is set between 1940s and 50s-the so called period of organised crime governed by mafia families.

Storyline:The game tells the story of Vito Scaletta who sets his foot in the criminal world along with his best Friend Joe barbolov.After that the story travels from war,empire state city,city jail, drugs,smuggling,robbery,murder and of course the Mafia families.The dialogues and script is well written,story lacks depth at some points but overall is good though.Finally the ending may be rather unpleasing for some people(including me).

Looks :The Illusion game engine does the trick.The game is based on open environment like GTA series.The Empire Bay city looks awesome.Right from its primitive look shown in earlier part of game with rusty cars and snow-clad streets to a better retro look with a completely makeover new york city replica.But, its a pity that the gameplay is linear, and doesn't allow us to enjoy this full city.The Graphics are really nice,with some animations way ahead of other same genre games today for e.g you can't stop being amused by animations of the pedestrians,a guy coming out of taxi and paying the fare,a woman placing her ear on the doorway to hear quarrel,simply looks fascinating.

Snow-clad Streets
Good old words to the ear
Time to wack someone

Gameplay : The length of the game is average (15 Chapters) and gameplay is really very easy (except two-three events) .The enemy AI is very dumb at times making them easy targets for probable headshots.Most of the WW2  era weapons are there in the game with typical gangster ones too.The game has very few bugs/glitches issue, more likely to be fixed by a patch in future.Rest the gameplay gets repetitive at time (same old schedule ,wake up in morning, pick up the call and go wack someone).Besides, the game has got plenty of fist fighting,car chasing,mass shootout etc moments.

Overall the game is very good (not that great , still upto the expectations).Plenty of awesome moments.I still remember how I kill one mafia boss through rolling car from above like in Wanted movie.Definitely worth playing.Click on the screens for a better view.

Rating 7.8/10

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  1. Nice review. Joe's DLC is out this week. Something that was supposed to be part of the game itself. :)