Sunday, November 14, 2010


   "Bullets or (broken) Bones ?..........well....Bones heal"
 After 3 years,after MoH-Airbone, EA Games 's MEDAL OF HONOR is back again.MoH is known for being one of the best real time first person shooter game of all times with ace competitors Call of Duty and Brother in Arms.But its better to keep expectations pretty low for this latest MoH or else it can be a great disappointment.

Storyline : The story revolves around the ongoing American-taliban war in Afganisthan.Throughout the story, we get to play as DEVGRu operator - Rabbit, Delta force elite sniper Deuce,US army ranger - Adams and apache pilot -Hawkins.Half of the game , we played in the shoes of rabbit, who is main character of the whole story.The story attempts to depict the current plight of the soldiers caught in the war, but unfortunately fails to have the desired impact.The story seems pretty non-involving and the script looks dull at some places.
Night Vision ON !
New Sunrise-reminds of something
Looks : MOH looks great during daytime.But during missions at night, the environment looks dull.Even Night vision fails to lighten up things.But overall graphics are awesome.The guns,talibanis popping over,apache firing, explosions and all looks just too good.The HUD design is pretty good, but it vanishes after a time interval, which causes you to be lost most of the times in the game.

Gameplay : Gameplay is pretty good with all the weapons and real time battlefield effect.It lacks lustre sometime because enemies keep popping from same locations and in large numbers.The difficulty level is pretty ok, lot of chances to kick asses and also to get your ass kick.some missions are pretty well designed, especially ones of Rabbit since they involve close combat.About the missions of Deuce-they are comfortable missions involving blasting heads from miles apart.Apache mission seems too easy as compared to other games(the helicopter mission in Bad Company was really kickass).Lastly, Adam's missions start well but start getting little boring as the game progresses.Overall, the gameplay is really very good just lacks what we can say lustre(COD and its showy things).

Overall Medal of Honor gives a very good game experience.Still, it fails to fall with the standards of the current games Bad Company 2 and COD MW2.Also with COD Black Ops on the way, expectations were pretty high on the game.But if MOH had release last year way before COD MW2, it could have been a huge success for sure
So to sum it up all, GOOD GAME, BAD RELEASE DATE !

RATING : 7.3/10

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