Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"The Sam Fisher you know is dead. The man who played by the rules, listened to the voice in his ear - he's gone. So watch your back, I can't stop him - no one can."
After Splinter Cell Double Agent, UBisoft is back with Splinter Cell Conviction and our all favourite unstoppable Sam Fisher.But this time the mission is more personal.Click on images to enlarge them in new tab.

Storyline : The Story is narrated by Sam good old friend Vic.Sam Fisher has finally retired and has gone far away from the common world.But third echelon wants him back for some important assignment.With help of his third echelon comrade Anna Grim, Sam also discovers that his daughter Sarah,once thought to be dead in a car accident is alive.Then the series of events unfold, and now Sam returns to his good old spy times in search of the TRUTH.

Looks : The game looks great in different environments may it a local market or third echelon HQ or even the white house at the finale.The cutscenes are also well desgined and the script is just damn good with great dialogues.Conviction has got plenty of interrogation scenes where you have to punch,kick,bang,break your target for information.
This can be fun
The thing common between splinter cell and COD developers is that they really know how to spice up their game.The game got plenty of impressing action scenes ranging from cool melee takedowns to blasting off buildings and vehicles similar to action packed movie.But the most special thing about this splinter cell is the appearance of Sam, rather old but still the same deadly Sam Fisher.
Mark and Execute

Gameplay : The game length is average with 11 chapters( Scenes).In addition to this,Conviction has a special Denied Ops mode and Co-op mode.Basic gameplay is same as in all previous versions of the game.Stay in shadows(screen goes black and white) to remain hidden from enemies.Shoot lights ocassinally to create shadows.Plenty of cool melee attacks,takedowns,human shield tricks to be performed when you get sufficiently close to enemies.
Hide in shadows and aim for heads
kk,that was spooky
Weapons ranged from silencer pistols to heavy assault rifles and automatic guns.Besides usual frag and flash grenades, there are plenty of new gadgets such remote mines,sticky camera,EMP etc.Also there are new Sonar googles are there too.One of the biggest shortcoming in the game, is lack of stealth, you need to get rid of every enemy in the level using gunfire msot of the time.Also some levels are made purposefully simple.The hardest part of the whole game was when third echelon guys showed up (the one with red googles) rest the game is easy.

Overall the game is highly recommended,gameplay may get tense at time,but still its fun.There are plenty of areas where the game can improve, so we can look forward to ubisoft for these areas in the next Splinter Cell.Till then,enjoy Conviction.

RATING : 7.5 /10

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  1. I wud rate it 6. It was to short n too scripted for me.