Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"When you are doing engineering in MU, remember anything is possible"

For many people Engineering starts from the first day of college itself.For me, it started in the second sem because I then I understood what engineering is.One hell of a incident taught my that.
That day, the atmosphere in college was very tense.Everyone knew the reason for it.Sitting in the class we all freshers were least interested (err...actually we never are ) to what the professor was mumbling.Then one guy went yelling sometime outside the class and the next moment everyone was just racing ahead to the ground floor.
The whole staircase was crowdy,then after loads of bumping finally reached a place near the Notice board,Heyy the results are out.
SEM1 exams were not pretty good to me though.I was thinking of getting average scores.Anyways,back to the notice board, i knew the result was no good,but was little excited that i will get to result first from my own eyes.Right from first standard, i never got see my results at first.Everyone use to tell my scores before me.Then came the spoiler,a guy (now i barely remember who he was, frankly i am still hunting to kill him), who just graped me from behind and was yelling like lunatic.
'Ayog bro,you got one subject left"
And well he was correct, saw the board and just left home( there was not much left to see now).For I knew , life was never going to be same now.
At home, i received a grand welcome.I was already depressed to listen any more praises.Then went off to swimming.

Just dived under water, felt little better, then some one pull my head up , I was left gasping for breath.
"What happen ?" I asked
And there was Nitish,a 15 yr guy i me during my swimming coaching.
Look at the hot girl, seems new admission, let's go for intro,whats say ?
Naa, not in a mood
Hmm, you are in no mood for girls, are you ok ?
Naa, m fine, just no idea what am wanna do
Just go and woo her
Woo her with what ?
Hmm, nice question, u r in engg coll ri8, just go tell about your marks and how cool ur coll lyf is n all
Ohh great i muttered to myself,
Then nxt week was passed in depression, getting loads of comments from family,friends.Only there was one thing, i can't say that it was a good thing, still,my best buddy Archit was there literally in the same pain.He also had the same subject left.One drawback, we were getting pawned from both of our parents and that too badly. Then one day i had full half hour first time serious talk with my brother, could remember only few words of conversation later,
"Come on bro, you are in Engineering and that too in Mumbai engineering.Anything is possible here.Even dumbest of dumbest people become engineers and even toppers struggle hard in it.I am not saying you are not studying enough but perhaps you are not studying properly.Take help from your friends"

Then There was I , sitting on a bench in class.The classroom seem empty.Just then a voice whispered,
You are not letting this all go so easy right ?
I was just confused " what are you talking about ?
You don't have any other hot topic currently in life, do u ? said the guy laughing
"hmm, ..kk...so what do you want to tell "
"Nothing special.A.....you remembered playing mortal kombat or street fighter
Yup what about that
Well,what used to happen after you lose a round,
Well, the timer use to start asking you whether wanna quit or continue .
Correct, Ayog your life is at the same stage now, time is clicking, you better continue
"kk, Will try definitely
Kkk, tats sounds good
"Anyways, pal my name is Ayog, yours ?
A guy just came from the shadow and i felt standing infront of mirror.
Same pinch , i can say
OMG, I have twin brother
You are a d...
And alarm went off, and i woke up from bed.Really nasty dream, i muttered.
But sipping coffee i thought over the dream,and what my bro said yesterday, definitely time to try out something new.

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