Wednesday, November 17, 2010


(...continued from part1)

So just gave her brief idea, n she understood it in no time.
and She posted to nikhil
"I didn't expected this from you , what do you think of yourself"
This girl really knows how to kill.
And then Nikhil was back
"WTF !!!!! What did you tell her ?"
"Exactly what you told me to tell her",I replied
"What ? duffer idiot ******* i was kidding "
Now time for little over acting
"What?  really ? Sorry yaar, I thought you were seriously...."
"DUFFER ****** , tell her the truth, or else she will kill me"
"I am not going to tell her anything , she will killl me instead"
"F you"

In the second window, Sonal was posting how he was getting pawned.
"Do you think of me like any girl you can mess up with, try doing that to some other girl,because i am not of that type."
"Sorry, itz all Ayog's fault , he is a duffer."
"Yaa,he is a dumb, You use him to convey your message, really screw you.Let me see you in college."
"Seriously, its not my mistake , I was just kidding, was just a joke."
"Do you think I am joke,find some other girl to play jokes with."

Then Sonal typed
"He is boring me a lot now saying sorry,Now I will write go to hell and then will logged off gud night"
I just laughed, that gonna b a killer for sure.
And she did the same
n then Nikhil
"AYOG *****, you have screwed up everything,she has gone offline now, and she is damn angry,call her now n tell the truth."
"Call her at this time ? she will kill me, anyways, i am feeling sleepy,good night, kal dekhte hai kya karna hai woh.."
"Wait rukh saale, where are you going, i am in deep shit now"
and i logged off.Tonight gonna have a very good sleep.

Next day was a holiday, and i was not surprised to find the prank was still on ,not because of sonal , but thanks to nikhil himself.He changed his facebook status about 4-5 times consisiting of the same words " Why
people always misunderstand me' , 'When I say sorry I really mean it" , "what should I do to prove you that I am really sorry'.Best thing, except three of us, nobody had a clue of it, so people were still pawning him on his updates.Then came monday, when We had to end the prank finally. When I entered the class, Rajiv grabbed and asked,
"What have you done to Nikhil"
"Cmon, he is posting insane status on fb,
"His status updates are always insane" - Abhishek snapped between
" Yes, but yesterday ones were too depressing,plus you have to see him in practicals,his hand were shaking like hell."
Obviously after hearing all this.Sonal said she wanted to end the prank.So finally we told him the truth.Nikhil was showering abuses on me as expected, but agreed to the fact that it was the best prank to play on everyone.After all, he is not gonna play love guru to anyone for sure.

Back at home, gave Sameer the software he wanted.Then was back online
Then came Sonal's post,
"So prankster feeling happy now ?"
"Yaa,had great fun, but anyways Thanks !"
"Why ?"
"For not playing a prank on me instead, you even had the chance to do that."
" Hmm...I was not in mood to prank you today, but beware ,next time, i may not feel the same..hehe'
"Letz see...", I replied smiling.

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