Friday, November 19, 2010

JetFlash Online Recovery for our transcend pd problems

Do you have a transcend pen drive which has stopped working ? The pen drive is not getting formatted or you just can't open it coz it has been f up by viruses and worms.Also, it is possible to recover data from pen drive without formatting it.The Solution is here :

JetFlash Online Recovery is advanced new software specifically developed for Transcend's JetFlash USB flash drives. It repairs your flash drives immediately through simple and user friendly interface. With such effective, safe and reliable solution, it can save your precious time and money bringing your product for traditional RMA service. Wherever you travel, Transcend JetFlash Online Recovery services you 24/7 on the internet.

* Hardware Requirements : USB port (supports USB2.0),Internet connection
* System Requirements : Windows® XP SP2/ 2000 SP4 (Administrator rights required)

Tried it with my own 4 gb transcend pen drive.It had stopped working 2 months ago, good thing, i didn't scrap it.Just took 5 mins, and my pen drive is working perfectly again.

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