Monday, December 6, 2010

Remove Facebook Revolving/rotating image spam

We are all pissed of the latest revolving images spam link in which our friends are posting some wall messages on your Facebook wall with a link .This worm has been codenamed Blackbeard by the group of hackers and they are continuously improving their script . Earlier it was just facebook updates on your wall and writing something on others wall but now this also makes you fan of some facebook pages .

Consequences of running the javascript on your profile :
  • It will update your facebook status plus it will post on your friends wall and it will spread the link of that scam website .
  • The hacker will gain access to your personalized email something like ( ) through which you update your facebook status . Since sending an email to this email address will update your Facebook status anytime ,the hacker can update your Facebook Wall as long as you don’t change the email .
  • Please remember after running the javascript ,the hacker won’t be getting your user id or password
  • You will also automatically like some facebook fan pages due to this action of yours .


  •  Clear your browser cookies and history to be safe.
  • You need to refresh your personalized email again so that the hacker don’t have access to your Facebook wall .
  • Go the Facebook Mobile from here .
  • Scroll down to upload via email and you will find out and email address,that’s the email the hacker is using to update your Facebook account .
  •  Click on it to get something like this.

  • Then click on refresh your upload email and you are done.

Best way to deal with such spam links,never click on any spam links again (Still can't understand why the hell so many people were clicking to see just Rotating images ?? :P


P.S. -tats not my personalised email in the pic, so no use messing around ;)

Cheers 2 compstalk !

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