Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I don't want to be a Hero
I don't want to be a Knight
For just being good or bad
Is not the quest of my life

But such a quest is never so easy thing
With rules and codes always shadowing in
For they don't understand the value of your soul
And they want you to end it and be like someone else

They keep you scaring of the dark
But they also keep you away from light
For all they want is to remould you
And kill all of your faith inside

These codes and warnings have a proper time
But when real crisis strikes they are not worth a dime
For that very time you are just alone
With just your soul and faith to fight

So i don't want a false shiny armour to hide
For my own spark is brighter than its shine
For I am happy even to live a life
With the crude old immature soul of mine....

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