Thursday, October 6, 2011

Assassins Creed Revealations- Unlock the Animus

Mysterious Assassin's Creed site goes live

Assassin Creed Revelations is one month away , revealing it all on 15th November,2011.Yaa, PC version is delayed to 2nd December,2011  and I am also pissed off about it.But I hope the wait will be worth it.AC fans all around the globe are all excited for it.Still Ubisoft hypes it more  by teaming with CVGs and throwing a competition.
If you are victorious in the final unlock the animus challenge, you will receive a fantastic trip to Istanbul for yourself and a friend, including flights, four nights of hotel accommodation and £500 spending money and a chance to tour the beautiful and historic Constantinople of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods.
But who cares for the prize, we gamers are more interested in trying out the mysteries of the Assassins.The final challenge will be on 8th November.But before that each week we have to unlock each of the 5 strands respectively
So what you waiting for ? Head over to now !!!

First Strand consists of watching a short video and then arranging the items appearing in the video in chronological order.So begin the unlocking the animus.GO ASSASSINO !!!!

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