Sunday, October 2, 2011


And 4 days after Google, comes my birthday.So finally at 7-53 am, I officially became 22 years old.Being 22 didn't gave more privileges like after being 18 or 21 years old.But each birthday is special in itself.Last year was not that great, there were few good things , some not so good things and some really bad things.I had some dreams which crashed before my eyes and couldn't do anything to restore them back.Perhaps, some things are not in our hands and we cannot do anything about it even if we tried honestly and hard.May be as people , there are things that are written in our destiny.Anyway, but one thing remains in our hands always-the future.So even if our past keeps haunting us all day and night, best way is to ignore it and set our focus on our future.After all, it is end of the day that is going to matter.
In our sleep we get beautiful dreams as well as worst nightmares.We try to forget the horrible nightmares as quickly as we can,claiming them fictitious and unreal.But at the same time, we wish and try hard to make the beautiful ones true.Thats Life- full of adventure,drama,sadness,happiness,action,love etc. which undoubtedly is greater than any blockbuster film.
So hoping to make new friends,new adventures, explore more things,work somewhere (yup, seriously), enjoy with family ,friends and truly enjoy life and ofcourse play more games ;)

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