Friday, October 7, 2011

Assassin's Creed: Revelations-Bombing Time

        Ubisoft -IGN has released a new video in the trailer series - "Secrets of the Ottoman Assassins". In the first episode , we witness the new weapon - hookblade with hook in shape of Eagle. In the latest Episode number 2, we catch a glimpse of demolition aspect of ACR - Bombing time.
Unlike the single smoke bombs we had in earlier AC games, ACR gonna present three new ategory of bombs - tactical,lethal and diversionary .

Tactical - 
Caltrop bomb - Spike bombs
Pyrite Coin bomb - The same throwing coins thing we had in AC2 and ACB , nothing extraordinary.

Smoke Signal Bombs - Again imported from earlier AC games
Cherry Bomb

Lethal -
Splinter bomb - Much needed explosive stuff when things get wrong n guards go crazy after you

Besides,you can make your own bombs (No need of Leonardo :P :P ) , just with help of three ingredients - Shell, Gun powder and Effect.This ingredients are scattered throughout the city. So new bombs, combination expreriments , all alowed for example Tripwire Spinter bomb which works like a modern mine.
Check the video for stunning visuals of the explosions.

Cheers : Ubisoft,IGN

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