Thursday, October 6, 2011


Apple has reported that Steve Jobs passed away today. To say the co-founder and former CEO of Apple was the driving force behind the company’s success would be an understatement.
Right from Ipod to Iphone and now to Ipad , he took Apple on a revolutionary journey.People are crazy about Apple products and Apple has become a supreme ruler of handheld gadgets markets.He is a legend not just among common people,Apple fan boys but even among the greatest genius minds in words today.One of the untold story is of Google itself.Back in the year 2000,when Google had start just rolling,Larry Page and Sergey Brin needed someone professional and business oriented CEO to guide the company.They rejected so many big professionals of the time (even Intel's CEO) just because they were comparing each of them with Steve Jobs.Steve jobs was more loyal to Apple and didn't wanted to quit there.So quite clearly, Apple was and is very lucky to have Steve Jobs as their mentor.
I was never a fan of Apple as such but I am a great fan of Sir Steve Jobs.He was a true visionary and thing I loved most about him was his dedication and faith in Apple.Without him, not just Apple, the whole world would have missed a lot of things.The news of him today morning was really shocking and sad.He is one my idols and constant source of Inpiration.Sir Steve Jobs is a legend, one of a kind and we are all going to miss him a lot. 
All Respect to him...
Rest in Peace...

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