Sunday, July 31, 2011


No posts today.Today was Trek time.
Will be back blogging from tom again.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 Reasons Why Facebook leads the social networking race

Lot of Social networking sites now.Right from Orkut, Myspace,tagged, Google plus etc etc .But still Facebook till now atleast is leading the race.The reasons are as follows :


People need their own space.But at the same time, they don't want to keep it private.Wall gives people the thing they always want to do - SHOW OFF !!!
Well, tats true.Publish photos,status updates,links etc and then keep eye on top left notifications for likes and comments.

2-Status updates
    "Just saw the movie xyz ", " Today had an awesome day thanks to ed , mark and zack " , " Go Nadal Go ".
Another utility of facebook which allows people seek attention.Nowadays, Tweeter has been more dedicated to Celebs,Sportstars etc. So everyone is happy with posting status updates from their day to day life or even sports or other worldly events.Even if no one follows your status, they are sure to like and comment on it .

Thats part of Facebook Addiction literally.Like this page,Like this comment,status,photo,video n so on.

One of the most important thing,which cause people to switch from other networking sites like orkut to facebook.Many of the apps are really lame, but people are crazy abt them= android apps,iphone apps etc.Use an app, post the results and displayed them on your wall.

Flash games look childish and easy.But they are very good at keeping u hooked up on them.In few mins, you will be addicted to them , lost track of time and inviting your friends to join the venture.Zyanga games like Mafia Wars,UNO,Farmville,Racing etc satisfy your busy gaming needs.Also you can play a variety of games with your friends online.

Thus,Facebook is ruling because it has the right blend of activities and provides a platform for people to present and promote themselves in a better way(in short Show OFF :P )

Photo of the day - 30/7/2011

View of the beautiful Golden Temple of Amritsar.Took this snap when I was there for IV with my engineering college buddies.The surroundings,the temple is really scenic and whole atmosphere is very pleasant and soothing to our eyes
Click on image for larger view

This photograph is very memorable and special.I also won the first prize for this photo at photo rush daily contest.
Check Here

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fast Bluetooth data transfer trick - Only on Nokia handsets

Got this from a friend.We read in books about the ideal Bluetooth transfer rate.
But we don't find enough speed while actual data transfer. Transferring loads of songs 
from one cellphone to another takes such a long time.
Try the following trick next time during transferring data( on Nokia handsets only )

The Trick

On Nokia handset on receiving end type following code
Thats it !!!
You will see the speed of the transfer is boosted up.
Easy and really useful trick

Why that happens ?

The code *#2820# specifies the Bluetooth device address of your handset.
So it allows the other handset to connect more efficiently with your 
( receiving) handset.

Photo of the day - 29/7/2011

Flock of ducks swimming in a pond in Saguna baug near Matheran.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Some of the HP comics I found on web.Cheers to the Comics Artist

1- Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone

2- Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
 3- Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban
 4- Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
 5- Harry Potter and the order of phoenix
 6- Harry Potter and the half blooded prince
 7.1- Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1
7.2- Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2

Monday, July 4, 2011

Google Nexus Contraptions game.

Check out the new Google Nexus Contraptions game.

As well as its new social networks and user interface enhancements for its Gmail and Calendar products Google has also rolled out a new physics based game to promote its Nexus S smartphone called Google Nexus Contraptions.

The objective of the new Google Nexus Contraptions game is to use rubber bands and propellors which you can use to guide Google application into funnels to help create a new Nexus S smartphone.

The game has been created in Flash and published on YouTube and the balls which you need to navigate through the different puzzles represent the Nexus S features

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Portal 2 Review (Single Player)

"I think we can put our differences behind us....for science you monster"

Developer : Valve                       Publisher : Valve
Series : Portal
Genre : Puzzle-platform game,Sci-fiction
Game engine : Source engine

       After the great success of portal, valve corporation is back again with portal 2.And believe me, portal 2 lives upto the expectation.But before jumping into portal 2, be sure to get pass with portal 1 complete.

Story: Portal 2 takes place long undefinite years after first game.Chell (protoganist) is woken by a bot call Wheatey n both try to escape the aperture labs.But unknowingly they bring Glados back to life.Rest that follows is quite obvious -Testing begins !

The story is simple with few twists and explores the mystery abt the aperture lab n infact glados to large extent.Still uniqueness of portal series lies in its dark evil humour.


Looks : The graphics are really better with the advanced version of the source engine.Although portal is not game relying heavily on graphics, some visual effects and especially the pre rendered videos are a feast to watch.

Gameplay : The basic gameplay is same as portal 1.The whole game involves use of only one  harmless but very useful weapon- portal gun.Besides, the puzzles are improved in portal 2, and some levels are really tricky.


Portal 2 also got some new stuff to add variations in gameplay such as hi tech walkable pathway,attractive n repulsive force field, gels- bouncing gels,speedy gel,portal surface gel and ofcourse more turrets.Portal 2 promises addictive gameplay and does stresses ur brain nerves to a large extent(Literally,My friend got fainted after playing sum level)

Audio : Portal series thrives on audio.Seriously 10/10 for the audio.May it be dumb dialogues of Wheatey,or evil humorous quotes of glados or even the nonsense quotes of turrets,cores etc, everything is just awesome.

Overall,Portal 2 is must play game ONLY after you play portal 1.Respect to Valve for such a splendid creation of the portal universe.

RATING 8.5/10