Sunday, July 3, 2011

Portal 2 Review (Single Player)

"I think we can put our differences behind us....for science you monster"

Developer : Valve                       Publisher : Valve
Series : Portal
Genre : Puzzle-platform game,Sci-fiction
Game engine : Source engine

       After the great success of portal, valve corporation is back again with portal 2.And believe me, portal 2 lives upto the expectation.But before jumping into portal 2, be sure to get pass with portal 1 complete.

Story: Portal 2 takes place long undefinite years after first game.Chell (protoganist) is woken by a bot call Wheatey n both try to escape the aperture labs.But unknowingly they bring Glados back to life.Rest that follows is quite obvious -Testing begins !

The story is simple with few twists and explores the mystery abt the aperture lab n infact glados to large extent.Still uniqueness of portal series lies in its dark evil humour.


Looks : The graphics are really better with the advanced version of the source engine.Although portal is not game relying heavily on graphics, some visual effects and especially the pre rendered videos are a feast to watch.

Gameplay : The basic gameplay is same as portal 1.The whole game involves use of only one  harmless but very useful weapon- portal gun.Besides, the puzzles are improved in portal 2, and some levels are really tricky.


Portal 2 also got some new stuff to add variations in gameplay such as hi tech walkable pathway,attractive n repulsive force field, gels- bouncing gels,speedy gel,portal surface gel and ofcourse more turrets.Portal 2 promises addictive gameplay and does stresses ur brain nerves to a large extent(Literally,My friend got fainted after playing sum level)

Audio : Portal series thrives on audio.Seriously 10/10 for the audio.May it be dumb dialogues of Wheatey,or evil humorous quotes of glados or even the nonsense quotes of turrets,cores etc, everything is just awesome.

Overall,Portal 2 is must play game ONLY after you play portal 1.Respect to Valve for such a splendid creation of the portal universe.

RATING 8.5/10

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