Wednesday, October 26, 2011


And itz the auspicious festival of Lights - DIWALI again.
Also it will be this blog's unofficial birthday since I started it in last diwali (2010).Ten more days to go for blog's official birthday.Still this festival of Diwali must be enjoyed like every year with lots of joy,happiness,good health and prosperity.

"May millions of lamps illuminate our lives with endless joy ,prosperity ,health and wealth forever starting right now this first day of Diwali"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


AND FINALLY Itzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz COMING !!!!!!!!!!
The greatest game series of all time.The most entertaining, hyped, awesome, scandalous game ever is coming back.Grand Theft Auto 5 which has been rumoured to be set in America itself is going to unleashed itself with debut trailer launching on 2nd November,2011. Seriously, this news is going to spread like fire in the world.There will be hardly any gamer on this planet (even in the universe, even aliens will play this legendary game) who has not played any of the GTA games.I myself have played all games except GTA1.Planning to play that one soon too ;)

So waiting for 2nd November 2011 , to get glimpse of the future of gaming - GRAND THEFT AUTO 5

EDIT : 2nd November 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Assassin's Creed: Revelations-Bombing Time

        Ubisoft -IGN has released a new video in the trailer series - "Secrets of the Ottoman Assassins". In the first episode , we witness the new weapon - hookblade with hook in shape of Eagle. In the latest Episode number 2, we catch a glimpse of demolition aspect of ACR - Bombing time.
Unlike the single smoke bombs we had in earlier AC games, ACR gonna present three new ategory of bombs - tactical,lethal and diversionary .

Tactical - 
Caltrop bomb - Spike bombs
Pyrite Coin bomb - The same throwing coins thing we had in AC2 and ACB , nothing extraordinary.

Smoke Signal Bombs - Again imported from earlier AC games
Cherry Bomb

Lethal -
Splinter bomb - Much needed explosive stuff when things get wrong n guards go crazy after you

Besides,you can make your own bombs (No need of Leonardo :P :P ) , just with help of three ingredients - Shell, Gun powder and Effect.This ingredients are scattered throughout the city. So new bombs, combination expreriments , all alowed for example Tripwire Spinter bomb which works like a modern mine.
Check the video for stunning visuals of the explosions.

Cheers : Ubisoft,IGN

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Apple has reported that Steve Jobs passed away today. To say the co-founder and former CEO of Apple was the driving force behind the company’s success would be an understatement.
Right from Ipod to Iphone and now to Ipad , he took Apple on a revolutionary journey.People are crazy about Apple products and Apple has become a supreme ruler of handheld gadgets markets.He is a legend not just among common people,Apple fan boys but even among the greatest genius minds in words today.One of the untold story is of Google itself.Back in the year 2000,when Google had start just rolling,Larry Page and Sergey Brin needed someone professional and business oriented CEO to guide the company.They rejected so many big professionals of the time (even Intel's CEO) just because they were comparing each of them with Steve Jobs.Steve jobs was more loyal to Apple and didn't wanted to quit there.So quite clearly, Apple was and is very lucky to have Steve Jobs as their mentor.
I was never a fan of Apple as such but I am a great fan of Sir Steve Jobs.He was a true visionary and thing I loved most about him was his dedication and faith in Apple.Without him, not just Apple, the whole world would have missed a lot of things.The news of him today morning was really shocking and sad.He is one my idols and constant source of Inpiration.Sir Steve Jobs is a legend, one of a kind and we are all going to miss him a lot. 
All Respect to him...
Rest in Peace...

HAPPY DASARA !!! 6-10-2011


Assassins Creed Revealations- Unlock the Animus

Mysterious Assassin's Creed site goes live

Assassin Creed Revelations is one month away , revealing it all on 15th November,2011.Yaa, PC version is delayed to 2nd December,2011  and I am also pissed off about it.But I hope the wait will be worth it.AC fans all around the globe are all excited for it.Still Ubisoft hypes it more  by teaming with CVGs and throwing a competition.
If you are victorious in the final unlock the animus challenge, you will receive a fantastic trip to Istanbul for yourself and a friend, including flights, four nights of hotel accommodation and £500 spending money and a chance to tour the beautiful and historic Constantinople of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods.
But who cares for the prize, we gamers are more interested in trying out the mysteries of the Assassins.The final challenge will be on 8th November.But before that each week we have to unlock each of the 5 strands respectively
So what you waiting for ? Head over to now !!!

First Strand consists of watching a short video and then arranging the items appearing in the video in chronological order.So begin the unlocking the animus.GO ASSASSINO !!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo of the day - 3-10-2011 - Bday cake


Not a snap from me .But awesome surprise and great start to the 23rd year :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


And 4 days after Google, comes my birthday.So finally at 7-53 am, I officially became 22 years old.Being 22 didn't gave more privileges like after being 18 or 21 years old.But each birthday is special in itself.Last year was not that great, there were few good things , some not so good things and some really bad things.I had some dreams which crashed before my eyes and couldn't do anything to restore them back.Perhaps, some things are not in our hands and we cannot do anything about it even if we tried honestly and hard.May be as people , there are things that are written in our destiny.Anyway, but one thing remains in our hands always-the future.So even if our past keeps haunting us all day and night, best way is to ignore it and set our focus on our future.After all, it is end of the day that is going to matter.
In our sleep we get beautiful dreams as well as worst nightmares.We try to forget the horrible nightmares as quickly as we can,claiming them fictitious and unreal.But at the same time, we wish and try hard to make the beautiful ones true.Thats Life- full of adventure,drama,sadness,happiness,action,love etc. which undoubtedly is greater than any blockbuster film.
So hoping to make new friends,new adventures, explore more things,work somewhere (yup, seriously), enjoy with family ,friends and truly enjoy life and ofcourse play more games ;)