Wednesday, November 10, 2010


(Continued from part1 )...

Next few days were spend in planning the revival.
First of all decided to take life easy.The worst had already happen so anything that is going to follow will be good enough.
So got of from bed,downloaded some movies and search again desperately for some old low graphics games which could run on my pc and then left for college.
In college,I was not surprised to find Sumit and Vineet already in class well before time.
These two guys, n because of them, I had to attend all boring lectures.
Vineet was as usual glancing through some maths book and I seriously didn't wanted to interrupt him.Every guy and gal i have met till now were fans of some movies,books,movie stars, sportstars n so on,But Vineet only guy i encountered who can go talking whole day about how great maths kumbojkar book is and how deadly kumbojkar + Prof Parasniis is and so on.More crazier were his dreams,always telling me and sumit that he always dreamed of having professors parasnis and welankar as his uncles and on.

About Sumit,he is a quiet guy , to be more specific very very quiet guy.Be it lecture,recess or tech fest, he always talks less.Least bothered by movies,watching girls,gaming and all.Only thing, he atleast talks about openly is about studies and sports-cricket,football,F1 etc(kk, this list is long enough)
To start a topic, I asked Sumit,
Heyy, whats wrong with that nerd girl, gone little less active than in sem1,Got lousy after scoring highest,I guess.
Vineet stopped reading and said
She is not the topper , some other guy top last sem.You don't have any idea about it.
"well, i had plenty of mess of myself to think about lately", I smiled away
Rest of the day was full with crappy lectures.Even one professor gave the term end date,which was just 3 weeks away.And also announcement of mid term exams which were going to be in next week with 70% portion.DEAD !!!
At the end of the day was surprised to find even Vineet frustrated
"This is insane, Definitely not going to work, submissions and f damn everything is pending and when will we get time to study"
"Hmm, everything will get complete , even there are people doing engineering too",Sumit replied
'Ya, but these crappy lectures are pure waste of time',Vineet was still frustrated
As far I was concerned , I was happy to hear such things from Vineet so just joined in,
"Yaa,I agree with Vineet, time wasting crappy lectures.Even i am thinking of studying hard of studying hard this time.'
"Thinking ?"
"Ya,i mean already thought that i going to study really hard"
"Hmm, so better start studying then, IPL is coming ", Sumit said
"IPL ? do you think thats gonna work, after epic failure of ICL ?"
"At this f time, everything else will work for sure",Vineet replied
And next day , Vineet had a new improved college timetable.It was our original timetable plus with pencil marks scribbled throughout.Then he explained it to me and Sumit, how we can bunk most of the lectures without letting our attendance fall below 75%(MU people really try to scare us by 75 % criteria, and they have been successful so far i can say).A crazy plan, but it work off perfectly, giving us enough time for studying and random playtime.
And then , submissions began,which were not a big problem thanks to Vineet and Sumit who used to have everything ready on time.Only one practical exam was there and that too of Java, so was way too easy.Then began the actual exams.This sem we had only five subjects but I had 1 more subject to worry.Well, first 2 weeks were spend in gathering books,IMPs,mid term papers from other colleges.Sumit and Archit were there to help with my extra subject (bonus subject i can say).Also Sameer and Vineet were assisting for the current sem subjects.A lot of distractions were there,with loads of good movies on the way and most importantly IPL-which was a great hit.But all of the things went just fine.Got that subject cleared and scored 70+ in sem2, and things were back to normal pretty soon.
To add to the fun, even got a new gaming pc and was soon gaming like old days.
Starting a new game on my new pc, was playing carefully and slowly, on which my friend said,
"Why scared so much,its just a game,You respawn again if u die"
To which I smiled and winked at him,"RESPAWN right !"