Monday, August 29, 2011

Sem Stories - Our Most Memorable Dance

           Every college, may it be junior college,graduation college or post graduation , every college has a festival.The festival is kind of refreshment for us students and also great platform to show our non-academic talents and learn lot of things.
           In my case, Fusion 11 (my college festival) was special for two main reasons. First it was our people last fusion since it was our last year at PVPP(We are finally Engineers now :D ) .Second thing was , we had a blast at the fusion stage with a funny dance performance.
          Well, it was not a hardcore dance with hip hop moves and all. After third year itself, we had decided that at least once before leaving the college we are going to dance on that stage. All of us. Now my group was little diverse consisting of right from skinny slender guys to fat guys. So we wanted to make a easy but funny and memorable dance. So we took a concept and improvise on it . Then there were lot of practice sessions all in the college classrooms itself. Also it was all secret. College days, we didn’t wanted anyone to copy our performance. The dance also required more people to fill the stage. There was few of us IT guys ready and interested for the dance. So it was all plus few guys and minus few guys for some days. But as I would like to say it, the dance performance was written in our destiny. And our friends from Computer branch join our gang. Needless to say there were quite arguments with the group names since it involve students from IT and Computer branch. Also about which people should dance in the front and others will be at the back. But fortunately, we solved both of the arguments in little time by choosing the best alternatives. Group name was finalized to BE IT-COMPS “GANGSTARS”. Also people with better practice were kept in the front. So the practice sessions started with all fun and rehearsing again and again. There were suggestions from each of the guys about the dance steps. Also a lot of sound mixing and editing to be done and redone again and again. Looking for random empty classrooms, even sometimes quarreling with other dance groups for the class; well it was all college time memorable fun.
          And finally, there was the much awaited fusion night. There were 16 of us, and no one had dance on that stage (descent dance that is ;)) in our last 3 years. But that was a night; we were not competing for the prize. We just wanted to give a memorable performance. And we did. We got lot of claps, praises, compliments from the audience. There were whole bunch of people in front of you clapping and cheering for you, now that really a great and memorable thing. It was group performance and I was and I still am thankful to my buddies for that special night. As expected we didn’t win any prizes. But we had won something bigger than a prize that day. A really awesome memory of our college life which we are going to remember for rest of our lives for sure. Still talking about the fest, people loved our dance so we were invited to dance again on the last day of fusion for orphan kids of CARE Foundation. Well, that was another great moment in our lives.
          So here is the dance video I was talking about. It is the fusion night video (the first and most special one).Enjoy people and do let me know if you like it.

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