Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It has been 13 great years ever since the launch of Google , which brought a Worldwide Internet Revolution.Google (derived from Googol or Googolplex) a word which was limited to nerds and geeks at that time and is on the tip of every common man across the globe. Cheers and loads of the thanks and respect to the creators - Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Their achievement was one of a kind and their story too.It is funny while at the early time before launching google (then,backrub) ,they both were commited to complete their phD and just wanted to sell the google pagerank concept.No company right from biggies- Microsoft,Yahoo,AOL etc to other silicon valley companies, was ready to invest or buy into this unique concept.

It will be so foolish to invest in search engine, what profit it gonna do.That were the common statements and the duo , tired of all those claims and beliefs, did what what seem impossible - setting up their own firm.
Few colleagues, not high but normal capabilities computer machines, no direct ads, just simple design and best motto ever -" Don't be Evil " .Things that only GOOGLE makes it possible.The whole 10-point corporate philosophy of Google must be look up with both respect and inspiration by all common people,enterpreners  ,corporates of the world

On 13th birthday, I just wanna thank Google for all help it has provided and even providing ( I am writing on google blogger :P ). I owe you lot.And about Sir Larry Page and Sir Sergey Brin - you are the ultimate heroes , all respect ,you rock !!!

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