Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Max Payne 2 Revisited

It was has been a week since Rockstar leaked/made available the Max Payne 3 gameplay trailer. Though am still against the overall changes made in the plot,overall feel and portrayal of Max Payne in this latest installment, still I couldn't keep my eyes off the 3 minute trailer.
The Bullet time dodge,shooting, tactics and overall gameplay was really awesome.So great, that I was having strong urge to play the supposed best third person shooter game series at that very moment.
Since Rockstar are still toying with the PC release date of Max Payne 3, I had to rely on Max Payne 2.
And last three days whatever time I was getting , I played the same.
Except the graphics part(that too a little) , it never occur to me that I was playing some eight years old game.First time I played Max Payne 1 and 2 when I was in school.And now, after a long gap (Now I started working) I still say it was it is one of the best games I played till now. The main gameplay ( yaa, the VVVIMP - gameplay factor which is missing in lot of recent games today) ,weapons,slow motion bullet time (My favourite :) ) the story, the characters,their portrayal, and the   awesome chemistry between Max and Mona - this game is an AWESOME !!!!



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