Sunday, October 21, 2012

Playing Now - Dishonored

Developers : Arkane Studios
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Engine : Unreal Engine 3
Genre : First Person Action Adventure/Stealth

Dishonored- the rise of one more Epic Game series. Start of the game was kinda slow , but with the advent of the Outsider , things got interesting . The Game elements show close resemblance to Bioshock , but the story and other aspects of the Dishonored keeps it distinct from Bioshock. The prime one being the Stealth Mode.The game can be played in two ways - go on a blood thirsty killing spree and complete the game in 6-8 hrs straight or if you are distant relative of Agent 47  and like to keep things clean , enter stealth mode and crawled through the game finding alternative paths and getting things done in as Dishonored says "Non-Lethal " way.

Currently in the middle of the game,playing in Stealth Mode. The gameplay is addictive , story is not seeming that fascinating, still I hope Arkane Studios have packed in surprises in later part of the game.Will post full review after playing the game (Which I believed will take a longggg time )

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