Saturday, February 12, 2011

LOST - Short Story

Can't think of appropriate title ,suggestions are welcome.Hope you all will like the story.

Still lying on the ground, Mark finally opened finally opened his eyes slowly.Everything seem blur.Mark muttered,
"God, My head ! feeling so dizzy."
It took few seconds for him to get on his knees , but he was still confused.The environment was in ruins,pieces of rubble and glass shards scatter everywhere in the dark.Then he cast again a look at the ground and was horrified,
What the F !!!
Blood was flowing from a nearby human torso.Mark 's blood already ran cold, the dead body was with its face down.Gathering courage Mark toook few steps towards it,and he was stopped by a voice behind
"Its all done,We got to leave now"
He saw behind a Man in his forties,His clothes and gun hanging from his vest were pure indications he was a gangster.
"Heyy Who are you? Whats going on in here, OH my head, itz getting worst"
"We need to leave now,itz over.Come with me"
"I am not coming with you,Who is this guy ? You murdered him right"
The gangster just smiled,
"Well, take it easy buddy, that was just an accident,I didn't intend too"
"You stay away from me"
Suddenly there was noise of police sirens and police shouting behind the main door.
The gangster replied,
"Letz just move ok, we have plenty of time later to talk about all these"
"Through the main door,Police are already there idiot,and this is a murder scene"
"You are so funny, They cannot do anything to us, no one can"
"You deserve to die,but I don't,I got a family, and I am just not dying",
Saying so Mark jumped out of the nearby window.

The fall was about two storey, but surprisingly , Mark wasn't hurt much.He checked the time on his wrist watch.And he remembered sumthing shocking
"Andy hell, he was with me today.Please god don't say that dead body was of Andy"
He quickly thrown in memories of Andy.Andy was hi dearest neighbour and his best friend.
Mark bursts into tears ,but quickly gather faith.Perhaps it was not Andy, I have to get to his house.
He started stelthly walking on the streets and sumthing catch his eyes in tv shop
News segment was going on
"Followed by an explosion in Red Goose Hotel , police are still hunting for the culprit.Only evidence the police has found till now is of a man named Mark Thurber.
Mark slowly reached for his pockets
Crap, they found my wallet, now they will think i was the suspect.
Mark hurriedly got away from there because the news channel was flashing his photo now.
Hell this is a bad day.I have to do something.Prove to the world that i am innocent then only i can go home.
He saw police station on other side of the lane.Enough of running away, time to face your problems and let everyone learn the truth.He marched slowly into the buliding.Surprisingly a single cop was there taking a nap.
He went near him and said
the cop was still sleepy
"Sir, pls listen',Mark said pushing him little
The cop finally open his eyes slowly murmuring
Who the hell is this
"Sir,my name is Mark thurber,I came from that red goose hotel which was exploded few minutes ago.But I swear I didn't do anything.Instead I have seen the man who did it, I can make a sketch of him and can be your witness.Please help me, i m innocent."
the cop stood blankly staring at him and dozed off again.
Now mark had already lost his temper,The night had already taken his toll.
He lifted the gun and shouted,
"Plz can u pay attention to what i am saying for heavens sake !"
The cop woke up frightened and hurriedly ran inside a nearby room locking it from inside.
Mark was now completely frustrated,
"Great , I am all alone"

At one instant,Mark thought of shooting himself and ending everything.But then he thought of his wife.I have to get to her,atleast she would understand me.He went to his house,just few yards away and he saw a queue of people.It was a funeral.
Mark cursed again,
Oh God,It was Andy, I lost him.I had his killer infront of me and I let that bastard go alive.
He carefully went through the bushes at the rear side of the house.He was not going to risk of letting people know of his presence atleast for some time.At rear window,He saw familiar figure and he smile after what seem like a lifetime.
His Wife was near the window only sobbing.
"Lucy,Its me Mark"
Lucy started crying hard,
"Why you keep coming.They have told me everything about you.Why Mark ? Why?"
"Lucy pls,"Mark cried behind the closed window"Please Believe me, I am innocent ,I swear I didn't do anything,Please let me in,I will explain everything"
"No, pls go ,get out of here, Leave me alone plss, stop getting over my mind"Lucy cried loudly 
again sobbing even worst.She took a nearby vase and threw at the window.Mark duck down quickly,just miss he thought.He got up to find his wife disappeared,Perhaps she had gone to the main hall of the house.

Slowly Mark climb in through the broken window.He slowly turned the knob of the door towards main hall, and he could see coffin and people surrounding it.The thought of Andy made him sad again.Then the next vision shook him off the ground.He saw Andy with bandages around his head entering the hall.Now Mark's head was spinning,what the hell is happening,He just ran towards the coffin now hurriedly pushing across the people and then he saw Lucy crying at his feet in the coffin.
He took one step back and saw the News segment going on the TV.
"Today a bomb blast striked Red Goose Hotel killing two people and injuring several others.The two bodies have been identified.One is of them is Roger Brown,who was the robber who carried out the act and other body is of a civilian named Mark Thurber"
Mark took few steps ahead in a state of shock.
Roger Brown,the gangster was standing at the door
"I told you no one can do us a thing,We are already dead mate !"

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