Friday, May 13, 2011

Butterfly Effect and Destiny

      Butterfly Effect and Destiny are most of the times are confused, n are thought to be never co-existing.First for those who don't know. Destiny can be defined ( kk, i am sounding like a nerd now ) as ultimate achievement or milestone of your life. Butterfly effect is how one event leads or gives rise to another event in our lives.To elaborate more, even the smallest event happening today can give rise to a large event in distinct future.
      Now about Destiny, some people believe in it some don't.Most common concept is Destiny is fixed and must happen (as they destiny is written in your blood). But since due to some goof-ups and downs in life, people lose in the concept of faith.If you ask me , I am partial believer in such stuff.Destiny is for real but it is more general not specific.There may be many versions of it.For example let us take example of a guy called letz say Ted who is bound to get surrounded by lots n lots of money ( yaaaaaa written in blood , call it his destiny stuff ). Now destiny is bound to happen in normal conditions with atleast one of the version.We will discuss abnormal conditions ( which hardly happen ) at end of the article. The versions as by our example can be - the guy ends up as rich businessman or end up as a clerk in bank or gangster,fraud or (...there can be lot more letz just concentrate on 3 for now).So whichever version Ted ends up becoming,his Destiny is still valid. So we can say Destiny is really written for you .So what when destiny is attained? Well,there may be lot of significant accomplishments or milestones - so can be many such destinies which unlocks when one destiny is attained.
       Now about the versions - good,bad,neutral etc will depend on the path we chose.This i where ButterFly Effect comes into the picture.Let consider Ted studies hard => good to every1 => gets good job = >becomes a business man .Or  he turns to bad ways n becomes finally a gangster. So Butterfly effect plays very important role in every1;'s life. It is because of it how we become friends due to small events and people fall in love and so on.
       Now if it is feeling more like some crazy astrology or too much unscientific, try to think like this.Think of destinies as methods, and life as a program consisting of many if else loops and methods and so on.Now if else part is butterfly effect , if you do this you get to do this.So its gonna b really complex program having many loops and path and that too interconnected.A truly programming masterpiece - n only world's greatest programmer can do it - GOD itself.
      The last part as I said earlier abnormal conditions (bugs or errors in programming terms ;) ).These are events which are even not plan by God (programmer).Bugs and errors lead to unstable program - program as a whole even though there is problem in a single line of code.Similarly , even one abnormal condition or event can lead to whole universe getting unstable. So solution - exceptions...remember try catch.......better watch Donnie Darko.

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