Saturday, June 11, 2011

Assassins Creed : Brotherhood Review (Single Player)

"The Liberation of Rome has begun"

Developer : Ubisoft Montreal              Publisher : Ubisoft
Series :
Assassins Creed                        Genre : Historic Action-Adventure
                     Game engine :
Anvil,Havok(Physics Engine)

                    Nothing that extraordinary improvements from AC2 to Brotherhood, Brotherhood looks like an expansion to AC2.But it won't bored you for sure, and storyline won't disappoint you either.

Storyline : Assassin Creed Brotherhood begins at the same point where AC2 ended.Desmond and Co. are busy getting deeper in Ezio's life to find the probable position of the Apple of Eden.Meanwhile,Ezio is back to Monteriggioni after his adventurous journey to rome.The next morning itself Monteriggioni is invaded by Borgia's Son Cesare.In ruins, defeated Ezio springs back to Rome for vengeance and to restored his fallen assassin Brotherhood.

Looks : The Looks and basic feel of the game is exactly like Assassins Creed 2.No modifications in graphics, but whole game is based in Rome.The city has beeen design nicely with all the major monuments like Colossoluem.

Gameplay : If you loved AC2(which I am damn sure you will), you are bound are to loved brotherhood too.Imagine upgrading Assassins Creed 2, with new city,weapons and add to it your own pack of assassins = you get Brotherhood.We get to play only one city Roma but that city is large enough.We are allowed to ride horses inside the city also(tats ovbious right ;) ) plus there are various tunnels entrances avaialble for fast travel from one location to another.


                   Another area of improvement is weapons and combat.We get new weapons such as CrossBow (poor man's sniper),poison darts and also provision to carry heavy weapons  permanently.Developers have made combat more intense and quick in Brotherhood (But itz still easy - counterattack FTW ! ).But most significant difference between AC2 and ACB , is the presense of Brotherhood itself.Yo can recruit assassins, train them by sending them to carry out special missions.Recruited Assasins who are not on mission can be called anytime you want to kick Borgia guards asses.


                    The main quest is short and won't take long to complete unless you keep yourself busy with side quests.Wide range of side quests are available such as courtesians missions,templar agents missions,assassins targets,glyphs for Truth etc.There are also tasks involving buying shops and burning towers to reduce Borgia influence in rome.But the best i found was the Cristina memory quests.It uncovers the events taken place in AC2.Best thing we get to play as young Ezio in those memories.Memories are short and easy but deepens the story of Ezio(MUST PLAY).

Overall - AC Brotherhood is nice game (better to call it expansion of AC2 ). It is must if you are keen on the AC story,because brotherhood contains many events and hints will are bound to be crucial in final installment Assassins Creed Revealations.

RATING : 7.8 /10

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